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Visited a new church, no comment

We visited a church in town today. It was very traditional and looked so much like the one I grew up in that I kept expecting to see my dad walk in. It was weird. And thinking of him reminded me of his common saying: If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. So that's all I have to say about today.
Oh, Dad would have liked it.

I want to say more (I never did listen well), but Allen says I shouldn't. He's probably right. So I'll just leave you with this random tip, totally unrelated to our visit today of course.
If you get to church and visitors happen to be sitting in your unspoken assigned seat, sit elsewhere. Don't sit there anyway, pushing them down, without speaking to them. And especially don't barge through and almost sit on their smallest child requiring their mom to rescue him at the last minute as your bum's about to smoosh him. That would be rude. Just a tip!
I have many other tips, but I'll keep them to myself. Hope you had a good Sunday wherever you are! :)

(Disclaimer: We'll be visiting different churches across the country and look forward to the good and bad. Rest assured our experiences won't affect our faith. I may or may not share them - Allen likes that whole be nice philosophy - but I found this one quite humorous, in an odd way!)


It's sort of a sad but funny commentary.

I remember attending many conservative meetings in my years. You wouldn't believe the things people would do over a pew spot. PEOPLE, we're in the house of the LORD! Geez Louise!

Glad my pew is now outside :)
mmartin said…
I am firm beleiver in never sitting in the same spot twice on Sunday morning! It helps me talk to different people!