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We're on the move, kinda

Granted we only moved 20 feet up the driveway, but we're closer to leaving. Literally. We're leveled up and Allen's installing things that need installing. There are a LOT of last minute things we're finishing up, including work, but it's feeling like we're almost there. Finally!
Our new home and our old one. One tenth the living space, but ten times more fun! :)
This is the back door, so I suppose this is our back porch?


Heather Mattern said…
LOVE it!! Cant wait to see what adventures you share once you are out of the drive way! SO EXCITING!! Im ready to leave and skip this phase we are in! Praying for patience!
Ali Workentin said…
Hi Lundy Family!

Hope you are able to leave today as planned and that everyone is feeling way better.

I look forward to reading about your adventures and your first night in a Cabela's parking lot.

I so enjoy reading your blog. I hope that you don't have the problems with your rig that we have been having...they are no fun.

Take care and drive safe.
Tara W. said…
Totally loving it. :)