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What did the Lundys do today in PA?

We stayed inside mostly, trying to stay warm and dry! We're freezing! We really need to head south. Allen's not even kayaking tomorrow, although the water temp was warmer than the air. We did follow them to their put-in today to take pics of a fun slide. And we tried to find a few geocaches, but learned we have much to learn about that! Puzzle caches?! We have to figure something out before we can find it. So we went home (this is home for now) and I let the kids watch TV and play PlayStation. Hey, it's a rainy day, that's what those things are for!
I'm sure Allen will post about the kayaking this weekend, but he's still thawing out. Here are a few of the pics for now. Don't you love the rainbow of colors?!
colorful bunch on slippery rock
Just peace and serenity before the wicked googily of a slide!
slippery rock creek in pottersville, pa