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WOF Wednesday - School is almost out! How will you celebrate the end of the school year?

For WOF Wednesday, they asked School is almost out! How will you celebrate the end of the school year? Easy! The same way we celebrate every day! Play, learn, laugh. Since we're homeschooling (unschooling), we're not stopping for the summer (or evenings, or weekends, or holidays...) Any time, all day, any day, and every day is a chance to learn and we all do, not just the kids. But the kids - wow, do they enjoy it! And they learn about things they choose that interest them, so they remember it. We're especially enjoying the history of the areas we visit as we travel the USA together. For the past few weeks, we've learned SO much about PA and WV even though we've been here many times. Now that we don't have to rush home for school or work, we can just explore and discover God's amazing country. And we are VERY grateful for the opportunity to do this! We're incredibly blessed!
So we're celebrating the end of the school year, but enjoying it too much to stop!


Daenel T. said…
Again I am so happy for your family ~ that you all get to travel and enjoy each other, the country and all that God has created is simply amazing. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!
Mary Ann said…
What a wonderful opportunity for you and your family. I hope you have a great summer! :)
melanie said…
Oh, love this! :) I have another friend who is a FOTR and I love to read her stories and see her pictures. :) Here's her blog - check it out, y'all have a lot in common. :)