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Back "home" at our old home with our new home. Got it?

We took a detour to stop at our old house (still for sale. Anyone want to buy a house?) to clean up the storm damage. Apparently the storm of all storms took out lots of branches, fence sections, and screens. We're lucky though, it could have been so much worse. What's a little work when you have three strong kids? :)
We parked in the driveway (after breaking a window, but I don't want to talk about that. No, don't ask!) in what's left of the shade of the trees. Don't worry, there is a lot left. So a free stay, electric, water, big yard, tire swing, treehouse, life is good! And to make it even better, it's my favorite week of the year! The catulpa tree blooms are falling. I think I post about it every year, but it's so pretty! Whole flowers cover the entire yard and smell so good. It only lasts for a few days each year, and we were here!
We'll stay through Sunday so we can visit our friends at Grace. If you're bored, stop by! Look for the um yeah, you won't miss us. :)