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Big Sable Point Lighthouse and a hike through the Michigan dunes

We're in Ludington, Michigan now. We decided to go north into Michigan along Lake Michigan, and to the Upper Peninsula, then back down through Wisconsin. That could change at any moment, but right now we are thoroughly enjoying western Michigan. What a surprise!
Today we hiked to the Big Sable Point Lighthouse, took a tour, learned the history, climbed the 130 steps, and got a sticker at the top. :) To get there, it was a gorgeous 2 mile hike in the soft sand through foredunes, troughs, backdunes, marshland, forests, miles of interesting scenery that we just didn't picture in Michigan! We drove by miles and miles of beautiful, private beaches with lots of parking. So anytime, any day, just pick a spot and go swim, picnic, lie on the beach, without seeing anyone! No salt, no sharks, no people, just beautiful beach. Ahhhh. Western Michigan has been a very pleasant surprise to us!