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Ominous sky over Indianapolis, at RVing favorite Camping World

Now THAT was a scary sky! We're in Indianapolis for the night at Camping World (our first time, wow!) with free electric (how cool are they?) and wifi even! We went through a heckuva storm on the road earlier and thought we were through the worst, but the news was warning of tornadoes, so of course we went outside to watch. Parked in a wide open lot, in our big tin can, under these fast and ominous clouds, we felt pretty safe. ;) The kids sought shelter under the chairs, yep, super safe!
But all is well and it passed so quickly that dinner didn't even get cold. BBQ chicken bake!
Fortunately, Allen had time to install a few extra vent covers (thanks Camping World!) before the storm hit. We also got a knife holder thingy, because the knives falling out of the cupboards at me was funny once, but it got old quickly!It was a great view of the work on the roof from the kids' skylight. That thing so doesn't get old!