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Sleeping Bear (and other) Dunes in Traverse City, MI

Sand, sand, and more sand, but what beautiful sand! These Buckeyes will admit - we love Western Michigan! (We hate Ann Arbor still, it's in our blood.) But the whole ocean without salt thing is just fun. And the kids love climbing and playing on the sand dunes. Well, except for THE sand dune!
Allen took the kids off to find adventure and boy did they! At Sleeping Bear Dunes, there's a cliff of sand with a 450 foot drop straight to the lake, that you can run/hop/roll/etc down, but you have to climb back up. They all said going down was awesome! They'd hop and go really far and land softly. But the climb back up was apparently pretty rough. I opted to take their word for it! Allen said if you stood up and put your hands out, you'd touch the wall, so darn steep!
They took me back to a different one, 150 feet, which was cake to them (excruciating to me!!) So, I climbed a hill of sand, and still am not sure why. Just because everyone else did? Or to say I did? I'm not sure. I wasn't born with that "it's there so I must conquer it" thing Allen has. But I'm glad the way down was after the way up, because going down really was fun! I can't imagine the big climb being last! They showed me the overlook for the big climb, and I couldn't even get a picture to show the steepness and hugeness of it! It's amazing, and a bit crazy. :)
We also took the Pierce Stocking scenic drive, visited the Maritime Museum, and the kids started working on their Jr. Ranger badges.


The Valentines said…
Loved, loved, loved Sleeping Bear Dunes, their programs were great, the campground was beautiful. From the Maritime museum area, we sat by the lake for hours, so peaceful, blue, beautiful - we're definitely going back there some day soon!

Ali (touringbrits.blogspot)