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South of South Bend, Indiana

After another long drive of 2. 5 hours, we're at Beaver Ridge campground for the weekend. Pull through site, pool, playground, free wifi, (and half price with Passport America) - we love it!

Thursday, or maybe Friday (all the days run together now) we did a little remodeling. My office desk didn't work out like I'd hoped. It was so heavy and we had to lift it onto the back room couch and secure it before every trip. Then it blocked the kids' ladder. And I rarely used it! So, what do you do when you can't sell it or even give it away? Yeah, you destroy it then burn it. I think Allen was way too happy about this one. (He always hated it!) The boys loved it too. :p
So I moved my office stuff into the barely-used closet and we're lots of pounds lighter, and minus one big pain in the back. Still in project mode, Allen also cut out part of a wall so the PlayStation would fit in the TV nook in the kids' room.
The kids found mulberries, which are apparently Allen's favorite. So I googled and made my first mulberry pie, which was pretty yummy! Fresh, free fruit is the best! :)
We hit the East Race whitewater park in South Bend on Saturday so Allen and Josh could kayak. Our OAC friend Michael Hood met us there to play/help out too. They had fun and Josh did great! It was fun for kayakers, but the few/small/hard eddies made it quick and tiring and not easy to stop and play. It would be pretty lame for rafting (unless you're a weenie, then you'd love it). :) I was exhausted from chasing them down the river for pictures. Great place to watch the action the whole way. The pics and videos from the park need their own post, coming next.

Saturday night a major storm (you know, the one stalking us!) hit and knocked out the electric for the campground, and most of the nearby cities. Crazy lightning, huge hail, and a downpour like no other. Unfortunately Allen, Josh, & Lizzy were out shopping (where they were soaked in seconds running to the truck) and Matt & I were left to decide what to do about the awning (which was tied down, but in mortal danger). I finally braved the rain (also soaked in seconds) and untied it and held it down enough to get it rolled in. It's automatic, so thank goodness it works on battery! The campground was a mess, flooded and branches everywhere. The pool was closed, no free wifi, no power for days, so we ended up leaving early.

But first, we went to a great church in South Bend on Sunday, River Oaks, and enjoyed it very much. Kids loved it too. Fun classes and very cool wall murals that fit each class theme. They had a wonderful band, and even a fiddle (that's a violin to you more sophisticated types). Just a great service.

Then we visited another fulltime RVing family, the Webbs, who I found online (along with other crazy families like ours). :) It was great chatting with people who get what we do! We hope to run into them again one day. Toni also fed us great Amish donuts and angel food cake! They have 3 boys, so Josh and Matt loved that. Lizzy found a friend around the campground though (who likes all the same girly things squeee!) Pic from Toni's camera. (Thanks!)
We planned to head northwest to the Indiana Dunes Monday, but decided that night since we were so close to Michigan, to head up there for the night (and add another state to our map!). 15 minutes later we were on the road! Of course we had no plans, so we were looking for stores, rest areas, or anything with no luck! Then Allen spotted a sign for a casino. We've read about other RVers staying at casinos, so we called. And the Four Winds Casino and Resort was home for the night. Well, at least their free RV parking lot was anyway.