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The view from my office, at Walmart in Troy, OH

We left a day early to avoid packing up in the rain, and, I suspect, because Allen was bored today home all alone! When the kids and I got home, he was packed and ready. (He felt the hitch itch too!) So we took a long drive, about 10 minutes, to Walmart. Hey, we needed groceries! And yes, I still love wheeling the cart out to the RV and putting groceries directly into the cupboards and fridge!
We're heading to a lake in Indiana to do some boating and camping with friends. I'll share more once we figure out where we're going, which I should really stop blogging and figure out!
So this is our view today, of Skyline Chili, where we did decide it was indeed Skyline time and had dinner. We also have neighbors, a big motorhome with a cat in the front window. The kids were so excited and waved to the couple, who promptly shut all their shades without a smile. Guess having friendly neighbors will be saved for another day!
Troy peeps, if you come to Walmart and we're still here, remember I like to sleep in! :)