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We doubled our geocache finds today!

Today we found 6 geocaches, all within 3 miles of where we lived for the last 6 years. Crazy! But we were just muggles and had no idea of the interesting things hidden right around us. The new Garmin GPS makes it SO much easier, which makes it so much more fun! I programmed it to say Hello Lundy5, Good luck with your hunting today! Love, Garmin :) So that gets a smile before we even start.
Allen & I worked all morning while the kids played outside. They worked a lot on conflict resolution, or maybe just conflict, I'm not sure. Just glad it was outside! But it was fun to finally have time all together to go on a big hunt, even if we stayed within a 3 mile radius of the house!


Heather Mattern said…
OK I need to start doing this again with my kiddos even if we aren't "traveling" yet!