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Big news about our tour!

Big news from my online world! We got to announce that Adobe is sponsoring our tour!!!! I love Adobe of course - can't post a photo of me without wearing a little Photoshop! :)
We do have to work while we live on the road of course. And I'm extremely lucky that I love my job!!!! But this year I will not be wearing reindeer antlers for the group photo! :)

Here's the release:

Digital Scrapbooking comes out of the computer in LIVE LOCAL laptop crops across the USA. Whether you’re wondering what it is, or you’re a seasoned digiscrapper, you will enjoy one of these unique events coming to a city near you. Scrap the Map, an innovative venture of Digital Scrapbook Place, and sponsored by industry leader Adobe Systems, is a series of country-wide events for attendees to scrapbook their memories, learn from experts, see product demos, win great prizes, meet other scrapbookers, and have fun! If you’re new to digital scrapbooking, learn what the buzz is all about, check out amazing scrapbooks, and meet the pros. If you already love digiscrapping and online crops, come scrap with your friends in real life.

Come learn about, try out, and even win great tools from DSP and Adobe. DSP offers digital scrapbooking graphics, classes, and a large, supportive community. Digital scrapbookers enjoy the powerful software solutions Adobe provides which enhance photos and incorporate DSP graphics for the creation of beautiful scrapbook pages. Come to any laptop crop for the chance to win the popular Adobe Photoshop® or Photoshop® Elements software! Adobe will also be a favorite stop on the tour. Come to Adobe’s corporate headquarters in San Jose this September as we scrapbook in the ultimate laptop crop location!

In a bold move for the love of digital scrapbooking and adventure, DSP is now mobile. Scrap the Map is led by DSP CEO Margie Lundy as she travels the country fulltime in an RV and actually scraps the entire map, bringing DSP to you. Meet the designers, instructors, staff, and members behind the success of DSP. With years of experience hosting both online and live crops, DSP wants scrappers everywhere to experience the joy of gathering with others who share their passion. Watch for a laptop crop near you. You might spot the DSP RV in your hometown soon!

The first few locations are now open for registration, so sign up now and help Scrap the Map!

July 24, 2010Minneapolis, MN – Mall of America
August, 2010 – Portland, OR Area – (Pending)
September 25, 2010San Jose, CA – Adobe Headquarters

More about Digital Scrapbook Place:
Digital Scrapbook Place, Inc. offers high quality products, community, support, and education at the largest digital scrapbooking site on the Internet: DSP products are also in scrapbook and photo stores around the globe. Besides extremely creative, the DSP staff is also helpful, friendly, and fun! DSP is dedicated to helping you use digital technologies to capture your memories, create scrapbook pages, and captivate your loved ones for generations. Come and be inspired!


The Valentines said…
Krystal, you should totally go! Wish I could, we're leaving MN this w/e though.
Margie, I REALLY need to figure the digi sb'ing out, time, give me time...!
Good luck with everything and congrats!
mmartin said…
Cool - having a sponsor is wonderful!
Boyink said…
Hey Congrats! That's a big name behind you.

I'm curious - since we plan on doing training events as we travel for a year - how far out will you plan locations? Is Adobe providing help to arrange venues, etc? How are you deciding the locations and timing - so as to not be "overscheduled"?
The Lundy 5 said…
We're just a few months out right now and Adobe's happy to let us be flexible. We're planning a general route and will tweak it to areas where we have many friends/customers.
Anonymous said…
Super exciting! I can't wait until you guys come here to NC.
Momma Jorje said…
So awesome! I've been contacting some companies in hopes of gaining a sponsor for our own travels. We're planning to hit the road next Fall. It is reassuring to see that someone else has found a sponsor. :-)