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A day in Petoskey, MI

Since we’re traveling at a snail’s pace to be sure we don’t miss anything, we broke up our 2 hour drive today with a stop at the beach. We found a great roadside park and the kids swam for a bit, played, and read. Allen and I worked for a bit, and I might have snuck in a nap. (Unless I was working with you, then I totally didn’t!)
Later we stopped for fresh picked cherries, since we’re apparently in the cherry capital and didn’t want to leave without trying them. We also bought a cherry pie made by Mrs. White (who was a very nice lady). They liked our story and gave us a bunch of cherries for the road too! Everyone loved the pie (except for me, seeing that I don’t like cherries. Really no dessert should be ruined by fruit in my opinion.) Now I get to try to make a cherry pie. Found out they have pits (remember I don’t like them, how would I know?!), so I guess the kids will de-pit them or whatever you do (I’ll ask Mr. Google, no worries).
On the drive we also saw a bald eagle! That’s 3 points in Allen’s wildlife game. (He makes up things like that, he’s weird.)
We stopped at the Petoskey Walmart for the night, and to buy groceries. So was the stay free or $230? You decide.
And nope, we didn’t find any Petoskey stones, bummer!


Laurenbavin said…
In order to dislike something you need to try it first - hence you really dont not like cherries as you dont know they have pips ( not pits - a pit is a hole in the ground) - so go on - try them you really might like them..... and if you dont... well there is clearly something quite wrong with you......
This lesson I give to Hannah on a regular basis when she exclaims she doesnt like a certain food.
( of course she DOES like cherries because who in their right mind does not)