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Keweenaw Peninsula, copper mines, mountain drive

Today we explored the Keweenaw Peninsula of MI. That's the part that sticks way up in the northern part of the Upper Peninsula. (The UP, apparently they're Yoopers!) It's a place of, well nothing now, but they have a great history of copper mines. We learned about mining and saw some cool equipment and buildings. The kids got their Jr. Ranger badges (we didn't even realize it was a national park area, bonus!) They had to work hard on those since we only had half a day there. We also drove over a mountain road (and were so glad we weren't hauling the RV!) and saw great views of Lake Superior from 726 feet (according to the sign at the top).
Another very interesting look at Michigan, which we'll be leaving tomorrow for Wisconsin. It's been a great few weeks in MI though and we have to admit we like it! As good Ohioans, we still have to say Go Bucks, Michigan sucks, but just the team. We like the state! :)
This is roadschooling, quite literally. :)
At the tip top of Michigan looking over Lake Superior.
We finally tried pasties since that's apparently the thing to do here. Ick (but the kids liked them). :) When in Rome...
This guy was on a business call and I just wanted to say "Nice!" But you know, he was on a call and that would be rude. It was fun to see someone obviously free from the cubicle though. I can't imagine riding up those hills though, shew!