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Little House in the Big Woods, Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum & home site

Today we visited the Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum here in town (in Pepin, WI) and then went 7 miles north to the place where she was born in 1867. The cabin is a replica, but it sits on the land actually owned by the Ingalls family. We looked for black cats that might be great great grandkitties of Black Susan, but haven't spotted any yet. The museum had some really neat memorabilia and great old photos of the family. (Side note: Photographers back then must have said things like don't smile or look at the camera, try to think of something to make yourself angry!) We also went to Lake Pepin, (which is just this section of the Mississippi River with dams up and downstream) and tried to imagine crossing it with a horse and wagon in the winter. Scary! Today was short and sweet, but a nice first peek into Laura's life. We can't wait til Walnut Grove, MN and DeSmet, SD next week!
Pa had a crazy beard! :)
We tried to picture Laura playing here!
Lake Pepin, the Mississippi River.


Jen said…
Thats neat! I used to love watching Little House on the prairie with my grandpa when I was little!
Colleen said…
I am so jealous.
Jenny said…
(squeals!) I have always wanted to do the Laura Ingalls tour. I'm waiting until my kids get a tad bit older, and we can read the books together. I grew up in MO so I've been to the home/museum in Mansfield a couple of times. I am thoroughly intrigued by your family and blog now - I've been looking around. (not in a creepy way) :)