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Pepin, Wisconsin, birthplace of Laura Ingalls Wilder

We're finally getting to visit some Little House places and we're excited! The kids and I more than Allen, since it's not life-endangering like he prefers. Since we did the Little House curriculum last year, together we learned about Laura and read all the books. Now we're watching the TV series and the kids LOVE it. SO many great lessons from the books/show.
Today we drove southwest to Pepin, WI (population: 848 - it's on the sign!), where Laura was born, from her book Little House in the Big Woods. We're a block away from a park dedicated to her, where the kids played today. And Allen, but I said kids, so that's redundant.
Tomorrow we'll head to the Laura museum, see Lake Pepin where Pa fished, then visit a replica of the home she was born in on their actual land in the big woods (which apparently aren't big woods anymore due to farming).
So right now, we're in the Little [Tree]House in the Big Woods.
The kids saw the Mississippi River for the first time too. It's right behind them at the end of our road.
Here's today's view from my office. Love those pretty paint jobs!