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Roadside stop for Lake Superior

What a perfect spot for a quick swim in Lake Superior for the kids. Allen and I sat inside and could easily watch the kids play outside. And a bonus: we had an internet connection from a nearby lodge! So the quick stop turned into a few hours. :)
I've figured out the appeal of this area. It's just like the beach in Florida (or SC or NC or wherever) but no salt, cleaner, AND easy access everywhere. It's like they WANT you to come swim there! In FL, you have to fight for a spot, with houses and businesses everywhere, and anything you can find is crowded. Here in MI, there are so many inviting parking areas and roadside parks, and if someone happens to be there, you can find another a few hundred yards away if you'd like. So nice!
You can also see my Pam Kellough painting that's hung over the door in 5 houses and now the RV over the past 13 years. :)