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What a Fourth of July! Blue Angels and fireworks over the lake!

We had a wonderful Fourth of July and hope you did too! We visited (and very much enjoyed) Bay Pointe Community Church in Traverse City, MI. It started with a very inspirational America the Beautiful led by trumpet. The rest of the songs were awesome and the lesson was great. He talked about freedom at the soul level. The kids' area was a whole wing decorated like a tree house, very bright and happy. They said they had a great time too!

Then we headed into town and saw what the fuss about the Cherry Festival was all about! We're not really festival people, so we weren't excited about it at all. We just wanted to see the Blue Angels in the air show! BUT we were pleasantly surprised yet again! Traverse City is just miles of beach and sand right beside the roads (and festival this week). We wished we'd have looked into it because there was even RV parking! Imagine a hot day enjoying the beach, festival, air show, and going home to relax for a few!
The show was awesome of course! They're amazing, and so fast and loud! (Videos in the next post!) The kids had lots of specific questions about the Blue Angels, so guess what they're learning about? :)

Then, since we didn't bring our home to the show unfortunately, we drove home and back again that night for the fireworks. Over the lake, as we sat with our toes in the sand, in perfect weather, so fun! The kids played in the lake as we waited. It was just a great day celebrating the 4th!