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What we've done all week in Wisconsin

In case you were wondering what exciting adventures we've had this week, stop wondering, there were few. Allen and I worked, but you don't really want to see pictures of us sitting in front of our computers. We did get a photo shoot in and we'll share a few of those pics soon, post-Photoshop. The kids swam, swam, and swam some more. They loved the little swimming pond here and it was perfect. Right in our backyard with a fountain, beach, and paddle boat. They're now a scary shade of dark brown. They played at the playground and with some new friends too and were outside most of the day every day, just the way they like it.
Were they learning? Always. What did they learn about? Sunburns, leeches, bug bites, flat tires, friendship, when to come home, asking permission to leave, angles and geometry (okay, pool), respect, how to be polite when you're bored, how to win a [mulch] war, rinsing makes washing dishes easier, and much more I didn't see. Can they solve a quadratic equation right now? Nah. Can you?! :)
Tomorrow we're heading to Pepin, Wisconsin, the birthplace of Laura Ingalls Wilder! Wednesday we'll visit the Little House in the Big Woods! Our first Little House stop, and we can't wait!