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Church and back east to the Tetons

We visited Christ Community Church on Sunday in Idaho Falls, ID and really enjoyed it! Great music and message, and the kids liked it too. Allen asked for the music afterward so he could learn a few new songs. They had a big lot perfect for RV parking, so we stayed and ate lunch before we headed out. It's pretty convenient to have your home with you at church. :) They were even having a book sale so we donated some of the books we're finished with.
The drive to Tetonia was pretty too (all our drives are it seems)! Lots of potatoes, as expected in Idaho.
Our first peek at the Tetons. The view from our campground, sweet!
Sometimes in a campground, you just end up with a view like this, a closeup of your neighbor.
But it's okay when your view out the other side looks like this! We get to wake up (okay, well Allen wakes me up) to see the sunrise over the Tetons from our bedroom window. Very nice!


Fabulous! I found your blog through Bridget. I found her blog through the RV sites.
We roadschool 1/2 the year but not always in our camper. We have been doing it for 3 years now while Beloved has business. We love it!
Safe Travels. Can't wait to get to know you through the "blog" family!
The Valentines said…
So glad you're enjoying the Tetons, SO beautiful. Also, very impressed that you find a church wherever you go, we've done very badly on that front this year.
Jake's planning (age 11) to learn guitar this year, hopefully he'll learn some worship songs eventually, I have romantic visions of our family around the campfire singing (a la your visit with the Ryans), rarely do my visions pan out, I will remain optimistic though!