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Craters of the Moon, some serious spelunking

Today we took a guided walk to one of the caves we explored yesterday and learned more about the park, volcanoes, lava tubes, and plant and wildlife (an amazing amount for what appears to be wasteland). Then we were off to try the harder caves, and wow, yeah, harder. Allen and the kids loved it! I enjoyed it, but boy am I sore. I took my little camera (since I'd need my hands for the flashlight and climbing) and it died on me pretty quick. :( So just a few pics, but we had a great time. There was ice in the caves still (always apparently) and lots of small openings and rocks to climb over and under. The kids could go all day!
The drive out was interesting too, just miles and miles of lava. Who'd have known there was such an interesting place in Idaho? Not us! But we're glad we found it.
Now we're somewhere in western (maybe?) Idaho trying to catch up and find a place to live for the next few days. This time with internet and cell service though!!


Debbie R said…
What an awesome place to explore!!
The Lundy Family is certianly enjoying some very cool experiences!! Love ths blog posts and photos.