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Forks, Church, Twilight, Rainforest, Kayaking

Today we headed to Forks, WA (yes, of Twilight fame). We visited a small church (there’s nothing big in Forks) and enjoyed a nice service with friendly people. They had another RVing family visit last week (tell me if it was you!)
Then we dropped Allen and Josh off in the rainforest for some kayaking. They paddled 12 miles, all the way to our home on the side of the Hoh River. I finally got to see the rainforest!
Then Lizzy, Matt, and I (mostly Lizzy) headed back into Forks for some Twilighting. And really there’s not much. The movie wasn’t made here, so there aren’t many locations to see. There’s a house that kinda looks like Bella’s and one that kinda looks like the Cullen’s (a bed & breakfast), Charlie’s police car at the station, and Bella’s truck at the visitor center. And that’s about it. Of course we didn’t go to La Push (where I heard there was a sign that says no vampires beyond this point). So not super exciting, but we're here, so we did, so that we can say we did. Alrightythen?