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Grand Teton National Park

Today we finally headed to Grand Teton National Park to explore. It was a gorgeous drive of course, and very nice to see green again. The kids did the Jr. Ranger program, learning about the mountains and some Native American artifacts in a museum there. On the drive in, we saw deer, antelope, and a moose! That’s one animal Allen was really bummed not to see at Yellowstone, so we were glad to spot one! It wasn’t hard, there was a crowd on the road pointing. : ) We took a hike to a quiet lake (climbing big rocks along the way of course) and saw some friendly little chipmunks. There we heard a loon, another thing on Allen’s list! Such a melancholy sound. Then on the drive out, we saw a lady taking video across the road and looked just as an antelope ran right in front of us! So close, it was scary. If Allen hadn’t locked up the brakes, that would be antelope #4 killed this year (yes, Allen asked at the next ranger station). We took a drive to the top of a mountain (7500 ft) to see the Tetons (14000 ft) and the valley in between. It was a beautiful twisty, curvy, and steep drive and we were glad to have left the RV at home. Good day!
Here are a bunch more!