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Haircuts for Lock of Love

Lizzy and I have been growing our hair out to donate to Locks of Love. We’ve also been fretting a bit because we don’t know where to get it cut! When you’re on the road, it’s hard to get recommendations or know where to go. So we were VERY happy to learn that not only was Bridget a hairdresser, but she’s also cut many ponytails for Locks of Love! We sat outside in our little communal front yard and she cut our hair, and did a great job! We’re both very happy to have shorter hair for this hot summer, love our cuts, and are happy to be able to donate our hair for wigs for children. Thanks so much Bridget!
(FYI, our cuts look much better, we were hot and tired!) :)


The Valentines said…
Awesome, how perfect, you had great 'locks' to donate ;)
Debbie R said…
You and Lizzy look fabulous.And donating your gorgous "locks" is awesome! Wonderful organization.