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It's HOT! And cold!

Random post, but check this out. I don't want you to notice the Bengals hat, or the cute guy driving, or the kid-watcher mirror, or the buckeyes on the mirror, or the kayaker guy on the dash, or the dirty windshield (sheesh!) but look at the temperature! It's 99 degrees! That's hot folks! And right now it's 60 and we're expecting 50 tonight. We woke up freezing this morning. They like their extremes in temps here in Wyoming! Of course since WE came here, a storm blew in, here, in the DESERT! We were so happy to finally have broken our streak of a storm every stop, but after the ONE time it didn't rain (still rained as we were leaving that state), it's still rained at each stop since. It taunts us now. It hovered over Devil's tower, and followed us through the mountains. Darn stalker storm.