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Oregon Caves

We took a little road trip to see the Redwoods, but decided to stop at the Oregon Caves instead. (FYI, I personally don't recommend a long, thin skirt when you go caving, but then I didn't think we were going caving!) Luckily for us, they had many loaner jackets so we could take the 90 minute 40 degree cave tour! The kids did the Jr. Ranger program and earned another badge. We also took the long way back after the tour and enjoyed the hike over the cave and the gorgeous views of the Siskiyou Mountains.
On the way we stopped at Eight Dollar Mountain to see the carnivorous plants! Allen's kayaking buddy Adam is out here in Oregon, and he told us about these. They were very interesting, really called insectivorous pitcher plants and they trap insects who can't get out of their hair-lined tunnels. The kids were hoping to see violently snapping jaws! :)


Beachcomber said…
Cool. I went to the Oregon Caves when I was younger. My grandfather lived in Grants Pass. He had a friend, who lived in Cave Junction, that he would take us to visit.