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We made it to the Pacific Ocean

We made it! ALL the way west to the Pacific Ocean! We stretched a 40 hour drive into 3.5 months. Now THAT is how you experience America! We sure are enjoying this!
And Allen drove the entire way! Granted, it was usually 3 or 4 hours at a time. :) But he's very appreciated by this family.
We left Oregon for a few weeks in Washington, since we have time before the laptop crop in Portland. We stayed on Copalis Beach, although it was quite a hike to get to it, and way too cold to enjoy it! But it was certainly very pretty. And we got to watch the sun sink into the Pacific.
We're really looking forward to driving back down the coast once we leave Portland. We spent a few days hunkered down there to catch up on work, which we almost did.
Kayaker guy sees the Pacific for the first time.
The drive up to Washington was pretty too.
We're now near Forks, WA (I know, Twilight fans just gasped) enjoying Olympic National Park. Rainforests in the US, who knew? And glaciers too! More on Olympic soon.