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RV skylight cover

We have a winner (of our eternal gratitude)!! When I asked here about solutions to cover our skylight, Sandra (the lovely newlywed and amazing scrapper) suggested a space age blanket and velcro, which we just put up today and it's perfect! A great $2 solution.
As soon as we put it up, it cooled way down. And if they tear it up (what, our kids destroy something??) it'll cost $2 to replace. Good deal! They'll sleep much better on nights were we're under lights, plus stay cooler during the day. And if there's a lightning storm, it's easy to take down, because who'd want to miss a lightning show?!!


Sandra said…
yahoo! So glad it worked. I made my day to find this post.
Oh my goodness!! This is an awesome solution! (I wish we'd thought of this, seen this, been told this at the beginning of the summer -- I SO would have put this on our windows. We have no central air this summer - in the middle of Texas!!!) Thanks for the idea. =)