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Yellowstone, Old Faithful, David Letterman...

On the third day, I finally got to see Yellowstone. They saved Old Faithful for me! The kids got their Junior Ranger patches and we headed to Old Faithful. It was very cool, well hot! Everyone oohed and ahhed like they do for fireworks. It was very entertaining, especially Matt who kept repeating himself on a video: It hit a cloud! It hit a cloud! :)
And we saw David Letterman there! Random I know, but it was cool to see him. No, we didn't bother him. Looked like a fun family day!
Then we headed for the walk to see other geysers and were surprised to see so many eruptions. We somehow managed great timing as we saw some that only erupted every few days! Plume, Lion's Group, and I can't remember the others. And the drive out of Yellowstone was beautiful too.
More pics below. I know Mom would love all the horses we've seen in the fields!