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California Redwoods

We entered California, and put state #14 on our state map sticker (which turned out to be a window cling, and our windows are tinted, so we're in the market for a state map sticker again!). We continued down the coast, and got to see the Redwoods! We went to two of the visitors centers so the kids could do the Jr. Ranger program.
The scenery down the coast, amazing. And through the Redwoods, amazing. The Avenue of the Giants wasn't made for RVs as big as ours, but the parts we managed to get through (we're stubborn) were yeah, amazing! At different intervals, we all just kept saying "Those trees are so BIG!" Profound I know, but it's just all we could say. :)
A ranger tipped us off about an easy place to see sea lions and seals (and haul the RV in and out of). They were so funny, and sounded kinda like our kids arguing over where they sit. :)
More pics, yes (surprised?)...


Laurenbavin said…
I just love the colour of the pacific highway ocean views.... - reminds me of home