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Church in Santa Rosa

We visited (and parked at) Spring Hills Community Church and had a wonderful spot among the grape fields of the Sonoma Valley! We finally got online near Santa Rosa and hoped to find a church with a big lot that wouldn't mind us parking our little (okay, really big) home for the evening.
We found Spring Hills, which looked very promising, but got there really late, so weren't sure if we'd find anyone. But we did, the Associate Pastor even, who was so nice and helpful. He even gave us his card and cell number in case we needed anything.
Besides the wonderful spot, it was a great service! The worship band was awesome and it was fun to really let loose and sing out. The kids loved their class called Jam Packed. We took the kids back to the second service so they could enjoy the worship as well. I took a quick (low quality) video, but it doesn't do it justice of course. Anyway, a great Sunday!