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Downtime in California

What exciting things are we doing this week? Nothing! We needed some downtime to catch up on work (and laundry and cleaning) and chose a spot close to nothing. Wifi, full hookups, and no rush to move the next day, ahhh. The kids have been coming up with some very creative games to play outside, as well as pulling out the neglected board games inside. They're also absorbing books like we've never seen. Josh got his glasses replaced, so they're learning about words like astigmatism. Allen has us set up with DirecTV and the Big Ten Network, so we get to watch the Ohio State football game! Go Buckeyes! Of course it really stinks that the Saturday game starts at 9am here in California. That's just not right. But we'll be cheering from here!
So, nothing exciting here, which is just what we need right now. Until next week you know! :)