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Hiking Mt. Rainier, twice

Today was the best, and worst, day ever! And probably the hardest, and coolest, thing I've done in my life!

Oh my holy heck! How to describe our day? We climbed Mt. Rainier, MILES UPHILL, TWICE, thanks to lost keys. Picture Matt lying on the trail (in front of other hikers) yelling MOM PLEASE JUST LEAVE ME HERE TO DIE! And me considering... but I didn't, and we found them! Someone (pointing at Allen) was sliding down glaciers with keys in his pocket. Yeah, don't do that!
I'm pretty sure I had hypothermia & pulmonary edema. It's COLD up there at 10,000 feet (40F)! Yet still it was a FREAKING AWESOME DAY! AND I finally saw bears! A momma & 2 cubs!!!

Despite the pain, cold, pain, breathing difficulty, and pain, it was awesome! We went from 5400 feet to 10000 feet in 4 miles straight up, in 4 hours. Twice (points to Allen). Going down was easier on the lungs, but not the knees & thighs (which we made up a song for to Ring of Fire). It also went from the 50s in the morning when we started, to the 40s at the top, to the 70s when we got back down.

We stood on Mt. Rainier and could see Mt. Adams, Mt. St. Helens, and Mt. Hood (yeah, in Oregon)!!
More pics soon, after I recover, if I do.

Click here for the full story and photos of our ended-up-awesome day!


Wow! Now that's an intense post!! Congrats for making the climb! =)