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More CA Redwoods

We spent another day driving through the Redwoods, and playing along the way. We had zero internet, so we couldn't even research which way to go! On a whim, we went to Santa Rosa, got online, and found a generous church to call home Saturday night. More Redwoods and more beautiful scenery. We saw lots of BIG trees, elk, a house made out of ONE tree (which Josh had apparently learned about on the History Channel and told us all about it), and a drive-through tree (which no, we did not drive through). We walked to, and through, the tree that was indeed big enough for a small car. Not our 40' RV, and not even our truck if we unhitched! It was mildly interesting, but we couldn't leave the Redwoods without seeing it, so we saw it. :)
We took a few hikes to get a closer look (and so Allen could issue his challenges, which the kids love, although I think he forgets they're only 8 and 10!).
My camera has a faulty operator, or my pictures sure would be a whole lot better. I'll have to get that fixed one day soon. :)
More pics...


mmartin said…
We were at the Chandeleir tree a few years ago. I love the Redwoods!