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Mt. Rainier

Here are some more pictures from our hike (well, two hikes) up Mt. Rainier. It was hard to take pics due to sheer exhaustion, but it was gorgeous up there!
The kids learned quite a bit that day for roadschooling. They'll never forget how quickly the air thins in high altitude, or how cold it gets. They'll also never forget how hard they can push their bodies, even though none of us was ready to climb back up! Plants, animals, routes, volcanoes, weather, temperature, gear, talking to climbing guides, we all learned and experienced a LOT on Rainier.
Here's where we actually hiked, from the bottom arrow (visitor center) to the top arrow (almost to Camp Muir!)  That's a climb!
More pics:


Debbie R said…
Gorgeous photos Margie.
What was that critter on the rock??