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Oregon Coast exploring

We drove further down the Oregon coast and hoped for nice views and to stop to explore when we found a good spot. Well, we had gorgeous views once we turned back close to the ocean, met a couple Walk'n Across America, and found great spots to explore!
We found a mystery world on top of a rock. It was sooooooo foggy that I lost half the family for a while. We could also hear a ship way out there somewhere, but couldn't see it. When we left, and the fog lifted a bit, we saw it was actually really close to us! So it was very hard to see, adding mystery to our mystery! But how was it a mystery? Well, it looked like any rock you'd climb (really, does everyone climb every rock like Allen?? I doubt it!) but at the top you could see a dirt path, then up the path you could see plants, then trees, then a grave marker! We'll be researching that soon, but it has to be an interesting story. There were caves, rocks, star fish, just a really neat place. All on top of a rock out in the ocean.
We had pancakes for dinner there (yep, the smoke alarm works, very well thank you) and drove on south. We checked out more overlooks and the views were very neat with the fog, though we'd like to actually see the water at some point. The last overlook we stopped at was really a maintenance area or road or something, but it has the BEST views ever, and we're calling it home for the night! As usual, we had a plan, but liked this better.
The stars are AMAZING out here too. We got the kids out of bed to check it out. Any and every constellation, Jupiter, the Milky Way, we even saw quite a few shooting stars. There are just SO many, wow!

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Gorgeous stop! What a fun area to visit...can't wait. ;)