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San Jose photo walk

Before the Scrap the Map laptop crop in San Jose San Francisco, we had a photo walk in San Jose organized by New Zealander and DSP Designer Lauren Bavin. I'm not really sure why we always put a Kiwi in charge of outings in the US, but she always does a great job! We visited History Park and the Japanese Friendship Gardens and both were unique and interesting, although honestly it's the company that really makes it fun. We had a large group, all adorned with cameras (from pocket size to elephant hunting size). It was so fun to see people we've met before, finally meet some we've known online at DSP for years, and meet newbies for the first time. As usual, some of the grannies showed up as their flat selves and got into trouble. (They are printed and come with others since they can't be there IRL. IRL means in real life in case you're not a geek.) Some of the flat Digital Elite Team came as well and were equally rotten I hear. So, if you see a crew filming a movie, what do you do? You ask an actor to hold the flat DET members for a picture apparently!
As always, with each person I met, it never feels like we've just met. It feels like we were just together yesterday thanks to the great online community at DSP!
I took some pictures (on Auto, cause that's how I shoot), but mostly I just took it in. I love seeing expert photographers helping newbies, online friends walking together like they do it every day, friendly teasing and inside jokes that started online and are now right there in front of me. It's funny to hear each of us stumble trying to explain to passers by who ask what group it is. How do you explain we're all random strangers that hang out online sharing scrapbook pages (and so much more) and are more like family than people from different states and countries with a common passion for digital scrapbooking? I truly love my job!
So pics, yeah, I took them but you'll find better from the rest of the group on DSP's Flickr Group. I was quite proud to take one pic of a waterfall with the soft flowing water because Lauren changed my shutter settings (or something, I don't know/care what shutter means) and said "do this". Which is really what I prefer! :)
Shh, we're hunting wabbit!
More pics...


stitchmich said…
Great post and great photos, Margie! I can just see you explaining to people on the street that you've never met most of these people in real life. One day I hope I can join you there for real. But I'm pretty sure the gangsta actor was holding flat me in one of your photos :D