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We visited Yosemite, which was very cool and amazing, but it just didn't WOW us like we expected. There were so many people (on a Tuesday?) and so little water (so few waterfalls), that it was just neat. WHAT? It's Yosemite! So we're pretty sure we've hit sensory overload and have just seen so many amazing places so fast that we're burnt out. That's very not okay with us, so we're planning to slow down and take more time at each stop for some downtime. We don't want to simply see it all, we want to be amazed by it all!
Still Yosemite was very cool. Half Dome's quite interesting and is still on our (mainly Allen's) list of things to climb. The kids did the Jr. Ranger program and liked learning about major rock slides. Driving around Yosemite took hours, but the view was great once you got there. Insane curvy roads, beautiful views, lots of wildlife, pretty sunset, steep mountains. We might be de-sensitized to amazing, but we still enjoyed it!

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