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Antelope Island in Salt Lake

This place was an absolute bonus! After paying full price for a campground in Zion, we were looking for a cheap few days of downtime before the Salt Lake laptop crop. We found a cheap campground on Antelope Island and it turned into a great stay. It was a private, primitive site (so glad we have our own electric & water!) on the lake with bison nearby! The kids dug in the sand right outside, played down by the lake, and had a ball. As a state park, they even had a Jr. Ranger program so we all learned about the salty lake and the only things that can live in it (brine fly and brine shrimp). There were bison and antelope everywhere! We drove to the historical ranch where we learned more history about the island, saw old buildings and equipment, a horned owl, horses, and coyotes.There was plenty of time for us to work and the kids to play, and great sunsets over the lake each night too. What we didn't know was this was the last time we'd be warm!

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Debbie R said…
Gorgeous photos and sounds like an awesome place to stay!! Love following your travels through your blog!!