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Arches National Park

After our cold night, we headed south to Arches National Park. We decided we were too close to skip it and if we loved it, we'd stay a few days. Well, we loved it, but it was too cold! We're definitely coming back, just when it's warm! We took a few short hikes, and loved the amazing arches and spires, but it was just so cold and windy that it was hard to enjoy it.
So the kids finished up the Jr. Ranger program and learned about the formation of the arches, some that have fallen, the wildlife, and even the fragile dirt? They have a motto "don't bust the crust" because of the important biological soil. Interesting stuff! Then we happily headed out, knowing we can visit again next time we come to Utah, which is already a certainty.More pics...


Jamie VanBeekum said…
Just remember, come when it's WARM, not when it's HOT. I've been to Arches when it's 106 degrees in the shade :) Hope to see you in our neck of the woods again when the warmer weather hits. Gorgeous photos, by the way!
The Mommy said…
I really admire you and your family for setting out in an RV like this! I know lots of us talk about it but you're the first I know of to actually live it! That's so awesome! Anyway, those are amazing pictures and I'll bet your kids are learning so much! I'm hopping by via the Hip Homeschool Hop! :D Great blog!!!! <3