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I know I overuse the word amazing, but driving through Colorado was amazing! Utah was gorgeous but didn't have the Fall colors like Colorado. Unfortunately after luring us in with it's colors and beauty, it then dumped 2 feet of snow on us! Route 70 was closed for much of the day so we killed some time and let the kids play in the snow. (Again, not the best idea without winter clothes.) So when 70 opened, we assumed it had been cleared, but nope! Trucks all had chains on their tires and we just went slowly and prayed that we didn't end up off the road like many others. Pulling your home over the snow-covered Rockies isn't really a stress-free thing! But we made it and still enjoyed the views. It was like driving through a Thomas Kincaid Christmas village scene! I recommend you do it, but maybe without an RV.
I took pictures, of course, but they just can't capture what we saw. Colorado is a state we've always said maybe we could live there. We love mountains, but not so much snow, so maybe it'll need to be southern Colorado? Not sure, but we have plenty of time to come back and explore and definitely want to spend more time in Colorado! This trip though, we just decided to survive and get outta there!Have you ever doubted the "falling rock" warnings on highways? We don't! We were a few cars behind an accident, caused by a rock slide. Looks like it smashed a trailer, but everyone was okay. Bad pics, but I was trying to be subtle! :)
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Amanda said…
Great post! We can't wait for your guest post on to go up. Colorado is really a sight that everyone deserves to see in their lifetime.

-- Best,

Former Coloradian