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Death Valley again

We went back to Death Valley to take the 26 mile Titus Canyon drive. It sounded fun, we heard it was gorgeous, had two ghost towns, and it wouldn't take too long. Well, SIX hours later, it was all that (except for not taking long) and more! We were exhausted from the bumpy ride, but loved every bit of it. The first part was really pretty, looking at the mountains. But when we got TO them, then went in between them, it was just amazing. High walls of rock, tight squeezes, crazy hills and curves. We couldn't wait to see around the corner at each turn. When we finally made it through the (very narrow) pass (and breathed a sigh of relief), we were looking at the wide open valley again. Along the way, we stopped for lunch, to do some climbing, and to explore the remains of two mining towns and a mine. It was neat to go from seeing the road winding up the mountain ahead of us for miles, to not be able to see past the next turn a few feet away. As a bonus, we got to watch a gorgeous sunset over the mountains on the way home.

Lots of pics below (it was too hard to choose just a few!)