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Death Valley

We loved Death Valley even more than the Mojave! Okay, technically, it's still IN the Mojave, but wow! There is SUCH diversity there we couldn't believe it. We really had a different picture in our heads of this place. The drive TO it was amazing. The drive IN it was even better!
We started with the Jr. Ranger program as usual and learned about the best places to visit if we just had a day. (We decided we needed two days!)
We saw all we could and took a few hikes through gorgeous canyons (and we each drank 2 liters of water!) It was 100 degrees, which is a "cool" day here, although the ground temperature was much higher. Shew! Not something I would want to do often, but I'm sure glad I did this time!
The hills and mountains were so colorful, but not with plant life, just the minerals. So different from the east. It seemed like every turn we were all saying WOW!
There are a lot more pics in the slide show at the end. These are just a few highlights.
Artist drive was a beautiful drive through the most colorful hills and rocks.
Lowest spot in the country! Fields full of salt.
If you tell a boy we're walking on salt flats, of course he'll lick it!
We had to represent. Go Buckeyes!
This is how you find shade in Death Valley. :)
Yeah, this is before it got hot!!!
We found a salt column in Devil's Golf Course. What an interesting place. Looks like fields of rock/mud, but it's hard salt!
Hiking through Golden Canyon. They loved the climbing.
Mosaic Canyon was amazing! The polished marble passageways were gorgeous, and slippery, so very fun for our climbers and sliders.
The Mesquite Sand Dunes were also fun. While the rest went off to play on the dunes and try to find snakes (um, no thanks), I watched the sun set over it all. So pretty!

More pics...