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The diesel lesson

Today's roadschooling lesson was expensive but effective. After someone, I'm not supposed to say who, but it wasn't me, accidentally filled our truck with gas, we got to learn what happens when you put gas in a diesel engine. Hey, it's called life learning, not always-good-life learning. In case you haven't decided to try that yourself, you get towed to a shop, pay them to drain it, and Facebook it before your husband knows what you're doing.
Thanks to this Iowa station's deceptively green handled pump, we got this fabulous opportunity. At the service station, they said it happens there weekly. SO not cool. We should have caught it though, we're usually really careful. Fortunately Josh noticed before Allen started the engine. He said hey dad, why does the diesel say regular? Doh! We just wish he'd have caught it before we put $50 of gas in the tank! But at least it was before the whatever-bad-thing-that-would-happen happened in the engine.
So Allen talked to the manager (who had the tow truck on speed dial - bad sign!) and we unhitched and left the RV right there blocking the pumps, all day. And yes, that made it a little better.
As usual, it ended up a grand adventure. The kids LOVED riding in the tow truck. At the very-nice-homeschooling-family-owned shop, they had toys for their grandkids that ours enjoyed and were so sweet. They drove me to get lunch, Happy Meals so the kids LOVED that too! And they had a fun dog, so the kids agree, best day ever.
The truck is fine, we met some great people, and kids had a ball. Apart from the time and money, it wasn't a bad day!


Heather said…
I'm totally laughing. But I don't know if I can use the strikethrough feature on the comments. Sorry! LOL
Debbie R said…
Lol, sorry but thats funny.Well not really..but kinda!!
So glad that you caught it before driving away!
Very good learning experience!!
Debbie R said…
Oh but I love the photos!!
The RV looks so lonely and unattached! Lol
Ali Workentin said…
I definitely had a chuckle since I knew all worked out. Sorry for the expense but so happy that you had a positive attitude, the kids had a great day.

Margie you are a gifted writer. I so enjoy your blog posts.
Kimberly said…
I love that you seem so relaxed about your situation. Your kids seem cool to hang out in the garage while it got sorted. $50 is very cheap compared to prices in New Zealand!Have a lovely journey. :)
MrsM said…
Marty and I had a good laugh. We have almost done this a few times now. What is up with people making the green pumps something other than diesel?? We're in Florida right now and the other night we got our diesel from an orange pump - we were both annoyed, lol! Just make one universal color for Diesel.

But maybe they get a good laugh at the people pulling a huge 40 ft home behind them who are confused and doing circles in the parkinglot the size of a shoebox looking for the single diesel pump. I bet that's almost as funny as supergluing a quarter to the pavement just to watch all the people who try and pry it loose.
Gina Kleinworth said…
The important part is that you are laughing about it- {I think}. I can totally see me doing something like this. You are not alone & yes- def a learning experience for all. :)
Bethany said…
Well at least the kids seem happy! :)