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Halloween in Iowa

When we found out we'd miss Trick or Treat in Ohio, the kids were really bummed! But I asked my friend (and DSP Designer) Nicole Young who lives in Des Moines (where we'd be driving through that day) for ideas and there was going to be a big event at Living History Farms! So the kids could visit the very neat farm, get candy, pop, popcorn, roast marshmallows, and take a wagon ride, AND best yet, Nicole and her family would come too! Lizzy and her daughter Maddie were already fast friends from the day they spent together at the Minneapolis laptop crop, so they were super excited. It's not every day a nomadic family gets to see friends they've made again!
So we drove through Iowa, which is much like Ohio, more southern Ohio, except for all the wind turbines. Not sure why Ohio doesn't have them?Lizzy the rocker and Maddie the pirate.
Our rock star, Ohio State University graduate (physics major of course), and Army man.
Nicole also had a cute little Mario and a very tiny polar bear.
Check out this pumpkin!
Roasting marshmallows.
Fun day! The kids had a great time and said it was better than Trick or Treating in Ohio!