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We had a great, but too short, time with the Parent family in Las Vegas. They're another fulltime RVing family and it was so fun to be neighbors for a day. The kids were showing us their hooping skills. Of course it was Wednesday morning, so a passerby asked "No school today?" I said "Yes, we're learning hooping!" :)


Rainey Daye said…
Funny, seems that hooping and FOTR go together!! I was re-introduced to hooping thru Sara Janssen's blogs and am still just getting the hang of the basics, but it is SO fun!! My husband and I also got the bug for going on the road full-time partly through reading her blogs (as well as others). We've got a 5 year plan for hitting the road (hoping to head out by July 2015 at the absolute latest, though we'd love to speed things up).