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Joshua Tree National Park

We really enjoyed the Joshua Tree National Park! Kids did the Jr. Ranger program and even got seeds to plant our own Joshua Trees. They also learned that Joshua Trees only grow here in the Mojave Desert. There was great hiking and climbing and the drives were amazing. But driving through wouldn't give you a good feel for the park. The hikes really made it great.
And Josh felt like going by Joshua that day. :)
Why do boys have to touch just to be sure???More pics...


Brian Vinson said…
I love the "why do boys have to touch it to be sure?" comment. And we never grow out of it either.
mmartin said…
We have five boys and all of them have to touch everything. hmmm
I have a Josh too so I've always thought it would be cool to stop here. Maybe one of these days but probably not this year. Didn't I read somewhere on your blog that you have already visited Yellowstone? Any tips you could offer? We'll only have a small window of time (hours to one day at most) and I don't want to miss anything that is really spectacular. I'd appreciate any insight you could offer.

Thanks for linking up to the National Park link-up! Happy Travels! :)