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Our big day

October 31 in the Lundy home is a celebration times 5: Halloween, Allen's birthday, and all three kids' adoption days (Josh 2001 and Lizzy & Matt 2005)! We celebrated with a giant spider cake, well cupcakes, and saved the big news til the end of the day. Yeah, we like to make them squirm. After a day of teasing, begging, and no signs of presents, we finally played a game of hangman. _ _ _ _ ended up being J A C K, which is the dog we left behind (with Allen's sister) six months ago when we hit the road. We told them we were picking up Jack in the morning and he'd stay with us forever and WOW were they excited!
We've all missed him, especially the kids, who never stopped talking about him. And yes, it'll be inconvenient at times, but he's family and many of you know our motto: Family Sticks Together. That goes for hikes, bike rides, pictures on our wall, and yes, the dog RVing with us.
What a wonderful reunion they had! He definitely remembered his humans and loved all over them.
They couldn't agree on who got to be closest to Jack, so this is how they slept. I almost feel sorry for him, but he likes it.
Jack's had a rough time with a neighbor dog, and Matt had a rough time with the RV hitch. Some tough boys we have.


MrsM said…
Awww, Jack is REALLY cute and it looks like he loves those kids. Glad he's back with his family again.

We have our dog Pete with us on the road and wouldn't have it any other way.