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Three RVing families

We met up with the Ryan family again, and also got to meet the fulltime RVing Loecken family at a nearby church! The Loeckens are working with The Vine Church in Alta Loma, CA so we went to church there and also invited the Ryans (who the kids were so excited to see again). It was great to catch up with them and for the kids to meet up with "old friends" again.
We loved the service and of course meeting fellow nomads. The Loeckens were so fun & friendly. They've been on the road for 2.5 years and are still loving it. They have a great ministry, Passion to Action, that empowers people to put their passion to action. Just over lunch, they motivated us to a little action ourselves!
We all had lunch together and great conversations about our travels, plans, and passions. Outside we took a photo (well, a random stranger with Bridget's camera) of all 18 of us.
And to activate one of my passions, I made a super quick scrapbook page...
Yep, DSP page by Elisabeth Weaver from the Academics Mini Album. I love instant pages!


Stephanie said…
Aww, that is awesome. I can't wait until we get on the road.
Lots and lots of work leading up to it, but I bet it's worth it :)
Aubrey said…
Incredible journey you are on. We are moving on to Germany after two years in NY...never a dull moment! I love following your posts.