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Unschooling park day

Las Vegas has a great group of unschoolers who meet weekly for a park day, so we learned thanks to Tara Wagner! So we made sure our quick trip through Vegas was on a Wednesday so the kids could make some new friends. It was fun to see so many kids there!
It was great to finally meet Tara and her RVing family that I've read about for months. Our RVing neighbors, the Parents, also came, plus lots of other unschooling families. What a fun meeting of other crazy families brave enough to be different too!
The park itself (Exploration Peak) was amazing too, with a hike up a hill that overlooks the city, and the park. It was made like a town, had walls to climb, a water park, and the kids just had a ball playing with their new friends. We parked the RV right there (you can barely see it from the top of the hill in the park pic) and Allen worked while we played, then we had dinner and headed out. Fun day!
It was fun to see the scheming. :)
Of course they figured out how to make the slide a waterslide.
Tara's son Zeb was off playing and no, I can't keep shirts on these boys!
Great view of Las Vegas!
More pics...


~Tara said…
so glad you guys made it! is was great to meet and say hello!

meeting people from the road has made our stay here feel like we're still OTR. :)